Frog eggs found in Nasi Lemak wrapped in banana leaf, causing netizen to swear off the meal forever

ONE of the most popular dishes among Malaysians is Nasi Lemak, particularly the type that are RM 1 and wrapped in a banana leaf. Nevertheless, it is important to remember banana leaves still come from outside and needs to be rinsed thoroughly.

A recent Instagram post from Rose Biru Media featured a Malaysian who was almost through with her nasi lemak, when she discovered that frog eggs were stuck to the interior of the banana leaf.

The unlucky netizen mentioned, “My mum said it’s frog eggs but my partner, to calm my heart, said that it was basil seeds.” Traumatized, she allegedly vouches to never want to eat nasi lemak packed in banana leaves.

As seen in the video, the frog eggs appeared on the surface of the banana leaf as tiny small pods.

Though reading this gave some of us goosebumps, we can’t really blame her for veering away from nasi lemak packed in leaves.

This public service announcement reminds all hawkers utilizing all-natural goods to thoroughly wash and inspect goods before serving to consumers.