Frustrated Malaysian considers legal action against friend who owes them RM10,500

WE have all been in situations where we gave a hungry friend one or two ringgit, but we have also all been in situations where the “borrowing” went out of hand. But what happens if that buddy doesn’t repay the loan?

The Emosi Twitter page recently posted a story about a frustrated Malaysian who lent a friend a whopping RM10,500 but has since been unable to persuade them to agree to return the money to them, even with an instalment plan.

Since then, they have questioned whether they ought to think about suing their buddy and taking it to court.

“Back when I wasn’t so smart, I let a friend borrow RM10,500, not all at once,“ they wrote.

To request a refund right now is very challenging. The friend reportedly continuously cited mental illness as a justification for not making the required repayments.

The accusing party also declared “When I WhatsApp them to ask for the money, they will confirm say they’re not feeling well.”

Additionally, they tried to persuade their friend to repay the money in RM300 monthly instalments, but that failed as well.

The Malaysian is now optimistic that taking legal action will solve the problem because trying to resolve things amicably hasn’t worked.

Additionally, they had hoped to ask their friend’s mother for assistance, but that might prove a challenge.

“If I WhatsApp their mother, I’m are afraid that their mother might fall sick and blame me. Even though, they are the one that’s being problematic.”

This whole scenario is out of hand, but what would you do in this situation? Is it worth it, to take a friend to court?