Fun holiday activities for children

CHILDREN are brimming with joy and excitement when the eagerly anticipated school break finally arrives. Activities for the school break don’t have to be expensive or difficult to do. It’s time to take your kids on a well-deserved holiday. Here are our suggestions of things to do over the next break, near or far.

Plant some flowers

Allow your children to assist you with your gardening; it will be much better if you have flowers or veggies to tend to. Children will undoubtedly enjoy getting wet and finding insects while learning about nature and the environment with this educational exercise.

Movie marathon

Who doesn’t like watching a good movie? There are several movies that you could watch with your children. It has never been easier thanks to streaming services like Netflix, HBO, and Disney+. Why not unwind in front of the TV with some fantastic family-friendly films.


The greatest time for parents to teach their kids to bake or cook may be during a school break. Kids typically have more fun when they get to use their creativity to design cookies and cupcakes. This exercise will strengthen your relationship with your kids, while also fostering their imagination and creativity.

Play board games

If you have older children, playing board games together is a great way to strengthen family ties. It’s a great substitute for letting your children isolate themselves in their rooms with their electronics. You might be shocked to learn that certain board games provide numerous advantages for youngsters. Young children may learn to recognise colours, count squares, and improve their hand-eye coordination by playing board games. By making them wait for their time, it’s also a perfect opportunity to teach children the lesson of patience. Scrabble for Kids and Wordle are two excellent options for parents who want their children to learn new words through board games.

Make some DIY

Create some cards or decorations with your children. Get creative by gathering coloured paper, glue, scissors, coloured markers, and stickers. Crafting is good for kids! It enhances a child’s capacity for focus and instruction-following. Your child’s fine motor abilities can also grow via crafting. Additionally, it’s one of the best entertaining at-home activities for kids and a fantastic hot or rainy day activity for kids.


Although sleeping outside is usually a lot of fun, you don’t have to give up your home comforts. Get youngsters to have midnight feasts and tell stories by candlelight. Set up tents and sleeping bags in the garden. This can be an example to show to your children that happiness may be found in the simplest things. Along with your loved ones, you may explore the night sky and learn about the names of the planets and constellations.


Having a picnic enables you to spend uninterrupted time with your children. The ideal time to show your children that they are loved and heard is at a picnic. Furthermore, you never know what you could discover from your children. Playing picnic games together and engaging in some friendly rivalry will strengthen family ties. One of the best things about summer is eating outside, so pack a basket with delectable treats and choose a beautiful location.

Going to the zoo

One of the simplest ways to introduce your children to the diverse range of creatures that live on this planet while simultaneously teaching them important lessons about conservation and the impact that humans have on the environment is to take the family to the zoo. A trip to the zoo is very advantageous for kids. They take something else back with them from this excursion in addition to seeing wild creatures in their natural habitat. Not only will they be eager to view the animals, but they will also be eager to spend time with the individuals they cherish the most.

For you and your kids, school breaks don’t have to be so dull. Everyone can always find something they enjoy. And it’s ideal to spend as much time as you can with your children doing activities that everyone enjoys. So start your preparations now.