Gaga heals with beauty routine

GLEEFULLY, Lady Gaga, the renowned artist behind hits like Bad Romance, recently opened up about the deeper significance of her makeup routine. In a recent interview, the 37-year-old singer shared that her journey with makeup goes beyond the surface of aesthetics or making a bold statement.

Gaga expressed that makeup has been a source of solace for her since her early years. During her teenage years, she grappled with insecurities, but upon graduating high school and venturing into independence, she discovered that makeup had a transformative effect on her self-perception. It became a means of altering her identity.

The star of House of Gucci emphasised that makeup played a pivotal role in empowering her voice. It enabled her to advocate for herself and communicate her thoughts effectively.

She highlighted that this transformation was not solely linked to her appearance but more so to her sense of self-worth. She underlined the uniqueness of each individual’s makeup style, emphasising its personal nature.

Incorporating the ritual of applying makeup into her daily self-care regimen amplified her confidence and readiness to confront challenges. Gaga, a Grammy winner, explained that the process of enhancing her appearance instilled a surge of confidence, allowing her to confront obstacles with bravery due to the time and care she invested in herself.

With her cruelty-free and vegan makeup brand, Haus Labs, which launched in 2019, Gaga aspires to help others unearth their own voices and cultivate self-assurance. She made it clear that the brand isn’t about imitating her looks but rather about discovering one’s unique identity.

While Gaga enjoys experimenting with different makeup looks and continuously captivating her fans, she also values moments of natural authenticity. An unforgettable instance was her appearance at the Oscars, where she delivered a raw rendition of Hold My Hand.

Social media buzzed with admiration for her bare-faced performance, especially considering her earlier appearance on the red carpet, adorned with vibrant makeup.

In another instance, Gaga surprised her followers with a distinct and natural makeup look in a TikTok video. She promoted new lipstick shades from Haus Labs, accompanied by a caption that playfully likened the shades to her music’s energy.

Lady Gaga’s relationship with makeup transcends the conventional notion of beauty; it’s a means of empowerment, self-discovery, and self-expression. Through her personal journey, she aims to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness and find their own sources of confidence.