Gannibal season two unveiled

PREPARE for an electrifying return as Gannibal season two takes you on an even more thrilling journey. Following an engaging first season that concluded with a nail-biting cliffhanger, the stellar cast is back to deliver the spine-tingling continuation to this unmissable saga.

A record-breaking debut

After an awe-inspiring debut season that earned Yuya Yagira a prestigious Best Actor nomination at the upcoming Busan International Film Festival’s Asia Contents Awards and Global OTT Awards and propelled the show to become the most-watched locally produced original series on Disney+ (Hotstar) in Japan within its first month (based on hours streamed), Gannibal is set to make its triumphant return exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

A stellar ensemble returns

Season two reintroduces the powerhouse trio – Yuya Yagira as police officer Daigo Agawa, Show Kasamatsu as Keisuke Goto, the enigmatic head of the Goto family, and Riho Yoshioka as Yuki Agawa, Daigo’s unwaveringly supportive wife. The creative dream team also makes a comeback, with screenwriter and Academy Award-nominee Takamasa Oe, director Shinzo Katayama, and producer Teruhisa Yamamoto, known for his role in the 2022 Academy Award-winning Drive My Car.

Unveiling darker secrets

Set in a fictional Japanese village, the first season of Gannibal introduced us to Daigo Agawa, a tormented police officer struggling with guilt over a traumatic event involving his daughter. His seemingly promising new start takes a sinister turn as unsettling events unfold, leading Daigo to a horrifying revelation about the villagers and the enigmatic Goto family. Season one was a pulse-pounding rollercoaster of emotions that left viewers hanging on the edge of a heart-stopping cliff.

Dive deeper into the Abyss

In season two, it will delve further into the village’s nightmarish secrets and join Daigo on his quest to escape the impossible and bring the nefarious Goto family to justice. The stakes are higher, the suspense more intense, and the mysteries even darker.

Join the thrill ride

Don’t miss out on the electrifying Gannibal experience. Don’t forget to binge-watch season one and prepare yourself for the heart-pounding return of Gannibal season two. Get ready to be spellbound.