Girl’s Day’s Yura reflects upon her acting career

GIRL’S DAY’S Yura recently spoke about her acting in her latest drama Forecasting Love and Weather which aired its finale on April 3.

In JTBC’s 16-episode series, Yura plays weather reporter Chae Yoo-jin, who breaks up with her boyfriend and ends up marrying a colleague.

Since her character moved on quickly from the initial breakup, she was seen as a villain. Yura explained that while her character was inevitably mean, she worked hard to make sure that she didn’t appear malicious.

“Since I had to embody Yoo Jin, I had no choice but to relate to her. She wanted to get married early and I think that she had no choice because of her family.”

Yura shared her own thoughts on marriage. “I’ve concluded that couples should only get married when they’ve dated for a long time.” Personally, she thinks that couples should only get married when they’re over their honeymoon phase and are no longer infatuated with each other.

Yura also shared how she would like Girl’s Day to reunite on stage someday. She explained that being in the group was easy. “It’s not every day that you meet people who you vibe with personality-wise and work-wise. I am eternally grateful.”

All four members of Girl’s Day are now pursuing their acting careers, and Yura revealed that they would talk about acting for hours on end whenever they get together.

When asked if she would ever co-star with her Girl’s Day members, Yura said: “I don’t think that would work… I’d burst into laughter anytime I see their faces.”

For Yura, acting has its charm because she gets to experience a life she never would’ve had.