Good Samaritan helps out stranded driver in toll booth and gets repaid kindness in return

A KIND ACT, no matter how big or small can go a long way especially for those in need and such generous acts may be rewarded back to you one way or another.

A driver was stuck in a rut, trapped in a toll booth due to his card not working while a good Samaritan got out of his car to assist him in getting him out of there.

In a Facebook video, the stuck driver had attempted to pay for the toll fare using his card three times but it was all in vain as his card was not registering in the censor.

After the third attempt, another man who recorded the incident in his dashcam camera, alighted from his vehicle to see what was going on and in a quick moment, decided to help him out by paying for his toll fare.

The stuck Perodua Kancil then drove away, leaving the other driver momentarily stuck at the toll booth but to his surprise, the dark coloured Kancil was seen reversing back to repay the man’s kindness by paying for his toll fare as well.

Netizens were touched at the display of mutual kindness while others were quick to warn the driver to be careful scanning his toll fare card twice as it is applicable once.

“Well done, Kancil. At least you looked back and saw the one who helped you got stuck and needed help,” a netizen praised.

“Spread kindness and compassion, the world needs more people like these,” another netizen said.