Grocery giggles

GET ready for a hilarious twist as the beloved actor Cha Tae-hyun and the very talented Zo In-sung ditch their glamorous red carpet lives to dive head-first into the world of a suburban Asian supermarket in sunny California. It is all happening in the uproarious Korean variety show Unexpected Business in California, exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar. Cha Tae-hyun and Zo In-sung, who are used to the glitz and glamour of Seoul’s showbiz, will find themselves in the serene coastal town of Monterey, California.

Their mission? To run a Korean-American grocery store just like regular employees. They will be organising goods, stacking shelves and serving up tasty treats to the locals, all while the store owner takes a well-deserved break. But that is not all. In this third season, Zo In-sung will flex his culinary muscles and try to introduce classic Korean dishes to American customers. And there is a star-studded line-up of guest appearances, including a memorable visit from Zo’s Moving co-star, Han Hyojoo.

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