Hennessey Performance Adds Third Member To Venom F5 Hypercar Family

UNLESS governments ban cars with combustion engines altogether, we’re going to have them around for some time to come. While the mainstream carmakers are rushing towards electrification, even for high-performance models, specialists like Hennessey Performance are still continuing to develop hypercars with the good old internal combustion engine.

The Texas-based company is well known for high-performance cars and has been making hypercars for a few years now. Its latest creation is a new, lighter, track-focused version of the Venom F5 called the Venom F5 Revolution Coupe. This is an apex predator on a racing circuit, with the claim of being the most powerful pure-combustion hypercar in the world.

Mirroring all other Venom F5 models, mid-mounted in the carbonfibre monocoque chassis is Hennessey’s proven twin-turbocharged, 6.6-litre, ‘Fury’ V8 engine tuned to produce 1,817 bhp. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a robust automated single-clutch gearbox calibrated for competitive use.

Over 630 kgs of downforce at 400 km/h

With such low weight of less than 1,360 kgs – the lowest of all Venom F5 models – the Venom F5 Revolution Coupe can have phenomenal acceleration. The high speeds that the hypercar can travel at mean aerodynamics are crucial and the rear wing can generate more than 360 kgs of downforce at 300 km/h, and over 630 kgs of downforce at 400 km/h.

Besides the full-width rear wing, there’s a significantly larger front splitter, crafted from carbonfibre. This splitter prevents air from flowing under the car and creates a low-pressure vortex, aiding downforce. At the same time, the extended rear diffuser guides air out from the smooth underbelly.

Dive planes, positioned on the front fascia ahead of the wheels, aggressively channel airflow to shift the aerodynamic balance forward – adding grip to improve turn-in. In addition, there’s a new roof-mounted central air scoop that delivers fresh cool air to the engine bay, keeping component temperatures low.

Easy suspension optimisation at track

The double-wishbone suspension, with more aggressive alignment settings, is fitted with adjustable dampers that may be calibrated trackside with simple tools – thus optimizing the suspension system for the particular road course, racing circuit, or track. In addition, new forged alloy wheels present a larger contact patch for improved cornering grip and enhanced braking.

Lastly, Venom F5 Revolution owners are offered a digital on-board track telemetry system capable of measuring an array of data points. These include lap times, splits, cornering g-forces, and more. The system allows the driver to monitor the telemetry in real time, or the data may be saved for later analysis or archiving.

“The new Venom F5 Revolution Coupe combines our outstanding 1,817 bhp V8 ‘Fury’ combustion engine with our lightest and most capable chassis. The hypercar, which is astoundingly fast, is at home on a racing circuit where utmost handling is paramount – it offers the nimbleness of a fighter jet, yet with a powerplant like a Saturn V rocket!” said John Hennessey, company founder and CE.:

Third member of Venom F5 family

The Revolution Coupe is the third model to join the Venom F5 family, and each variant has been individually engineered for a specific mission. The F5 Coupe targets ultimate top speed, while the open-roof F5 Roadster delivers the most visceral open-air experience. The new F5 Revolution Coupe is designed for track performance at an entirely new level.

Priced at US$2.7 million (around RM11.81 million), only 24 units will be available – and many of the units have already been booked prior to its global launch in Miami next week.