HKL nurse sporting drip while working during Raya

AMID the pandemic, healthcare professionals have demonstrated their unwavering commitment and perseverance despite the shortage of staff.

A recent incident at Hospital Kuala Lumpur was brought to light by a social media user, Chun Guan, who posted a picture of a nurse with a drip attached to her hand. The netizen inquired and learned that the nurse wasn’t feeling well but still had to work because the hospital was short-staffed.

“While waiting for a letter from the doctor,“ he said, “I saw her at the desk.”

The following is what he said to the nurse:

He questioned her, “Eh Miss, why are you on drips? “ She responded with a bashful smile, “Oh, I’m a little sick.”

Then Chun Guan asked, “Didn’t you take a sick day?”

There aren’t enough people, she said with another smile.

Chun Guan also found that the nurse is from Terengganu and would only be able to ‘balik kampung’ next year.

“She works as a nurse at Hospital Kuala Lumpur and takes drips while on duty. She has given her OK for me to capture this picture without capturing her face.”

He said, “She is from Terengganu and will only travel there for Hari Raya next year.”

Despite the challenges, Malaysia’s healthcare professionals continue to serve with dedication and hard work, earning them the status of unsung heroes.

We wish the nurse a speedy recovery and express our appreciation for the tireless efforts of all healthcare professionals.