“Honk to wish me Happy Birthday”

IF you’re wondering what a unique birthday gift or gesture might be, planning a fun birthday surprise idea is always a good idea.

Recently, a birthday girl went viral on TikTok after her friend played a ‘honk to wish me happy birthday’ prank on her.

The prank was a piece of printed A4 paper that wrote ‘Hari ni birthday saya. Sila hon untuk wish birthday!’ (Today is my birthday, please honk to wish happy birthday) was placed under the tail light of a red Perodua Bezza, which was the birthday girl’s vehicle.

In the video, Idayu, the birthday girl, could be seen quizzical, wondering why the cars were honking at her while Izzah, who was in the passenger seat, struggled to contain her laughter.

“What issue do they have?” Idayu enquired.

Idayu continued to ask the same question as before, but this time, a little more irate.

She even tried to understand the reason behind the continuous honking by glancing at the cars that passed her, but was left perplexed.

She even attempted to “telepathically” convey to other drivers, “I’m a good driver, okay.”

Before they arrived at their destination, a mall in Seremban, she had no choice but to put up with the honking.

When they finally reached their destination, Idayu noticed the note on her Bezza and laughed.

How supportive was the entire city of Seremban in participating in such a cute hoax?

Izzah additionally told World of Buzz that in addition to being her coworker, Idayu was also a close friend.

We wish Izzah and Idayu a long-lasting friendship, and we thought it was adorable to see how everything came together in this case.