I’m a divorce lawyer and I hire male models for my clients during court appearances: ‘The husbands fume’

A lawyer has caused a stir after he shared a very unusual tactic he uses to get his client a better result after a divorce. 

Robby Witt, an American divorce lawyer, said he sometimes hires a male model to pretend to be his female client’s new partner and send her ex-husband into a jealous rage.

He said he loves watching the ex-husband ‘fume’ over his former partner’s apparent new flame making the judge see his ‘crazy’ side and give Robby’s client a better result in the settlement. 

Many thought the cheeky ploy was hilarious and deemed it ‘manipulative’, ‘petty’ and ‘gaslighting’.  

‘As a divorce lawyer if my client tells me that her husband is crazy, I believe her, but it’s my job to prove it to the court,’ Robby explained. 

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Lawyer Robby Witt (pictured), from the US, has revealed why he keeps a male modelling agency on speed dial to use during divorce cases

‘Which is why I keep a male modelling agency on speed dial so when we show up to the first deposition it can look like my client is already dating a very attractive new man.’ 

Robby said one of the best parts of his job is watching his client’s ex-husband ‘fume with jealously’ as he watches his ex-wife with a man more attractive than him. 

‘I’ll even make up a fake job title to make it look like her new arm candy has a better job than her ex-husband,’ he said. 

‘Right in front of everybody I’ll say, ‘Hey Jim, are you good to make it to the meeting next week? I know as the president of that company you’re very busy’.’

Robby said the ex-husband will ‘lash out’ at the sight of his ex with an attractive man who has a high-flying job and ask if it’s necessary he be present during the court proceedings. 

Robby said the ex-husband will think the model is his ex's new partner and start 'fuming with jealousy' showing the judge how 'crazy' he is and winning the divorce settlement (stock image)

Robby said the ex-husband will think the model is his ex’s new partner and start ‘fuming with jealousy’ showing the judge how ‘crazy’ he is and winning the divorce settlement (stock image)

‘In a calm manner I’ll look at the judge and say, ‘Hey look, my client needs her new man here for moral support and if he’s going to lash out like that and be all crazy like this, I think we understand where she was coming from when she filed for divorce’,’ he explained. 

‘I always request a judge who’s been through at least one divorce herself so she knows exactly what’s going on here.’

Robby said his clients sometimes don’t understand why they have to splash cash on hiring a male model until ‘later on’ when they have won the divorce settlement. 

The lawyer shared his clever manoeuvre in a TikTok video that drew in more than 1.5million views and a string of impressed comments. 

‘This is amazing,’ one woman said and another joked: ‘I need to be this entertained at work.’

‘This is the kind of petty I aspire to be. Not even married but will keep this in my back pocket,’ a third said. 

‘Respectfully, this is giving Saul Goodman vibes, and I’m here for it,’ someone laughed and another added: ‘I wish I could see this in action’.