I’m a vet and these are the dog breeds I would never own including German Shepherds, English Bulldogs and Huskies

Veterinarians and vet nurses have revealed the one breed of dog they would never own.

Morgan works in a vet clinic in America and asked 16 of her fellow staff members: ‘After working in veterinary medicine, what breed of dog would you never own?’

Six voted the German Shepherd as the breed to steer clear of. 

The second most popular answer was the English Bulldog and Husky while others said the Chihuahua, Beagle and Weimaraner were on their no-go list. 

Morgan asked veterinarians, vet assistants and vet technicians the tough question in a TikTok video and their answers caused a stir among viewers. 

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Veterinarians and vet staff have spilled on which dog breed they would never own after working with hundreds of animals and most said the German Shepherd (stock image)

The first two team members said they would never own a German Shepherd without much hesitation. 

Grace the vet tech answered the Husky while practice manager Colleen said Chihuahua. 

The German Shepherd got two more votes and the Beagle and English Bulldog also entered the list. 

Kathy the vet tech couldn’t make up her mind and said there were a ‘whole lot of them’ she would never adopt.  

Client Service Representative Kelly gave the Weimeraner the thumbs down and Dr Casey the vet gave the English Bulldog its second vote. 

Dr Hansen gave a ‘niche’ answer saying she would never own a Brittany Spaniel, a French hunting pointer dog. 

Vet worker Morgan went around to 16 of her colleagues to ask which breed tops their no-go list. Two people said they would never have an English Bulldog (stock image)

Other breeds that made the list were the Weimeraner, Chihuahua, and Beagle while two people said they would steer clear of Huskies (stock image)

Vet worker Morgan went around to 16 of her colleagues to ask which breed tops their no-go list. Both the English Bulldog and Husky earned two votes each (stock images)

Skylar answered Husky to the controversial question while CSR Tina and vet Dr Davis both said the German Shepherd bringing the breed’s tally to six. 

Finally, ‘crazy cat lady’ and vet tech Lindsey said she wouldn’t get any breed of dog and would always opt to adopt a cat instead. 

The humorous video was watched a massive 5million times and divided dog lovers in the comments. 

‘Hard agree with German Shepherds and Huskies. I want a dog to be something that can help keep my anxiety and blood pressure down….not spike it constantly,’ one viewer wrote. 

‘Why do so many say German Shepard??’ another asked while a third said: ‘I have a husky. Never ever again’.  

‘Me looking at my perfect German Shepherd feeling sorry for all these people they will never experience German Shepherd love. It’s unmatched. Best breed there is,’ a fourth added.  

Other shared their own breeds they would never get with one slamming the very popular Golden Retriever-cross-Poodle also known as the Goldendoodle. 

‘Mine (a tech) would be Boxers or Great Danes. I love them so much but they go too soon,’ one woman said. 

‘I have a Belgian Malinois and I’m honestly surprised it wasn’t mentioned,’ a second replied.