Issa’s journey to embracing the Barbie role

ISSA Rae, the versatile 38-year-old actress, recently shared her transformative body positivity journey during the filming of the highly anticipated Barbie movie. Talking exclusively to Glamour, Rae candidly discussed her initial concerns about not fitting the traditional “Barbie shape” when cast as “President Barbie.”

After completing projects like Insecure and Rap Sh!t, Rae intended to take a break and indulge in her favourite foods. But destiny intervened, and the opportunity to play President Barbie pushed her to doubt her readiness for the role. However, everything changed when she stepped into the visionary world crafted by director Greta Gerwig.

Contrary to preconceived notions, Gerwig’s Barbie universe celebrated diversity in all its forms. The inclusive paradise of Barbie Land comforted Rae on her ongoing fitness journey, making her feel less insecure about her body. A heartfelt conversation with Gerwig revealed her commitment to casting a diverse ensemble of actors, prioritising authenticity over stereotypes. On the set, Barbies of various shapes, sizes, abilities, ages, and genders united, weaving a tapestry of perfection.

It shattered the confines of “perfection” and embraced the uniqueness of every individual. Witnessing such an empowering and inclusive environment deeply moved Rae. Barbie Land became a place where people saw themselves represented in extraordinary ways.

Gerwig’s vision questioned and dismantled long-standing beauty standards. Barbie Land’s revolutionary approach was a beacon of hope for a world longing for acceptance and unity. It taught Rae to appreciate her own uniqueness and reminded her that everyone deserves representation and celebration.

“Barbie Land is perfect,“ Rae expressed. The movie’s radical messages are poised to become a cinematic landmark – an invitation to embrace the beauty of our diverse world, where everyone is perfect in their own way.