“It’s so tiring” – Woman from China works as a waitress in KL restaurant for a day, earns RM100

IF you’ve ever worked in the food and beverage industry, you’d know it’s no cakewalk. You need a ton of patience and mental strength.

Recently, a woman from China decided to try her hand at working as a waitress at a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur and boy, was she unprepared for the physical toil that she had to go through.

The woman known as the handle GiGi stated in the Douyin video that she had heard that the cost of living in Malaysia was high but the salaries were on the low end.

So, she decided to put the statement to the test and find out how much she could earn in a day of hard work as a waitress.

In her video, she arrives at work at 11am and is given a to-do list which includes cleaning the glass doors, sweeping the floor and memorising the names of 200 dishes in the menu. By 12pm, customers made their way in and Gigi escorted them to their seats before serving them their dishes and tea.

By evening, Gigi was “too tired to even move” but pushed through. She still had to entertain the customers by singing ‘happy birthday’ along with other members of the staff.

Gigi’s day as a waitress finally came to an end at 11.16pm where she found herself thrilled at the idea of returning home after nearly 12 hours of work.

But, before she left, the restaurant manager handed her RM100 for her efforts, which surprised and touched GiGi.

Although she was exhausted by the end of it, Gigi stated in the video that the RM100 was worth the hard day’s work before adding that it was a tiring gig but no job is without its fair share of challenges.

In the comment section of the video, netizens debated if the RM100 was far too low for a day’s work.

‘RM100 isn’t a lot,‘ one user wrote. Being a waiter is difficult and exhausting,” commented a user. Another user added, ‘the salary appears to be too low.’

What do you think? Was RM100 sufficient for the work that Gigi had to do?