Jetstar cancel woman’s flight from Perth to Adelaide 5 hours beforehand and offer an 11-hour trip

Woman shocked after Jetstar cancel her Perth-Adelaide flight five hours before trip and reschedule with an 11-HOUR plane ride

  • Perth woman Claire Bagot was going to fly to Adelaide
  • Her Jetstar flight was cancelled five hours before take off
  • She was offered an 11-hour and nine-hour flight afterwards

A woman has slammed Jetstar for cancelling her short flight just hours before take-off and then offering her alternate flights that would take up half a day to get to her destination.

Perth woman Claire Bagot uploaded a video to TikTok with her flight details as she called out the budget airline.

She explained that she had booked a flight from Perth to Adelaide, which is usually a three-hour trip, but that it was cancelled by Jetstar just five hours before departure. 

‘If anyone wants to let me know how Jetstar is still in business, I would love that,’ she began. 

Perth woman Claire Bagot (pictured) had her three-hour flight to Adelaide cancelled by Jetstar just hours before take-off and was offered an alternate 11-hour trip instead

‘My flight was cancelled five hours before, lovely. These are the two replacement flight options I got.’

Ms Bagot pointed at the two alternate flights, departing from Perth airport at 5:35pm and 10:45pm.

The first option was for an 11-hour 15-minute trip involving two flights, while the other was a nine-hour 50-minute trip that also required two flights.

‘Eleven hours and 15 minutes or nine hours and 50 for a normally three-hour flight,’ she added.

‘That’s what I want to do, and still not even get there the day that I’m meant to be getting there.’ 

Viewers of Ms Bagot’s post also criticised the budget airline over flight cancellations, delays and poor service.

‘Why is Jetstar so appalling who runs it,’ wrote one.

Another said: ‘We had the exact same experience! AND you have to collect your luggage and check it in AGAIN during your stopover.’

‘They cancelled our GC>PER flights and gave us a lovely 8 hour stopover in MEL. At midnight. With a toddler,’ added a third.

One woman suggested flying with Rex instead as it’s ‘cheaper’ and ‘better’.

Ms Bagot slammed the budget airline in a video posted to her TikTok account, asking how Jetstar was 'still in business' (stock image)

Ms Bagot slammed the budget airline in a video posted to her TikTok account, asking how Jetstar was ‘still in business’ (stock image)

But other TikTok users believed Ms Bagot shouldn’t be complaining, suggesting there needed to be an expectation from passengers not to rely too heavily on Jetstar due to its low airfares.

‘It happens with all the Aussie airlines. You can just say you don’t want either and you’ll get a credit or refund and can rebook a flight that works,’ said one.

‘They literally don’t have control over most of these,’ commented a second.

One viewer wrote: ‘People need to realise it’s unreliability is why [it’s] a low-budget airline. Like it’s never gonna be reliable.’

A Jetstar spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia: ‘We’re very sorry Claire’s flight from Perth to Adelaide had to be cancelled last week and the inconvenience this caused.’ 

‘We do everything we can to avoid disruptions, but unfortunately sometimes there is no other option’

‘Passengers were given the choice to rebook on the next available flight, which due to limited availability included both direct and indirect services, or they could opt for a refund. After being notified of the cancellation, Claire accepted a refund.’ 

Jetstar explained that Ms Bagot’s flight had been cancelled due to crew sickness and there were no other staff available at the time.