JLo album to drop soon

JENNIFER Lopez is poised to unveil her inaugural solo album in almost a decade. As reported by Billboard, the forthcoming musical masterpiece, her ninth studio album, bears the title This Is Me…Now and boasts a rich compilation of 13 captivating tracks.

Scheduled for release under the Nuyorican/BMG label, the album marks a significant return for Lopez, as it signals her first solo venture in an impressive span of nine years. In 2022, she graced fans with a soundtrack alongside Maluma for the movie Marry Me.

BMG’s CEO, Thomas Coesfeld, expressed immense enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her and her team to release her first album in nearly a decade.”

The creative process behind this album witnessed the combined talents of JLo, Roget Chahayed, Angel Lopez, Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman and other prolific songwriter-producers like Hitboy, Ink, Tay Keith, Yeti Beats, Carter Lang and Kim “Kaydence” Krysiuk. BMG’s Brandon Riester played a pivotal role as the album’s A&R.

The backdrop for This Is Me…Now was the home studio of Lopez in Los Angeles, where the magic unfolded over the course of 2022 and 2023.

Eager fans took to social media platforms to share their palpable excitement, eagerly anticipating the arrival of Lopez’s long-awaited solo album. Turning their enthusiasm into trending hashtags and heartfelt messages of support, creating a digital symphony of anticipation and adoration.