Kang Min Kyung distances from father’s business

KOREAN singer-actress Kang Min Kyung is distancing herself from her father and brother’s alleged fraud case involving their real estate development company.

Kang’s agency, WAKEONE recently issued a statement regarding the matter after news broke out over the weekend that 19 investors had filed a complaint with Busan Yeonje Police Station saying that they had been scammed by the family’s real estate development company.

The investors alleged that in September 2017, Kang’s brother and father promised to develop a forest area in Paju, Gyeonggi Province within two years, but there has been no development to date.

According to the statement by WAKEONE, Kang has cut off ties with her father and reiterated that she has no connection with her father’s business. The statement revealed that on a previous occasion, Kang had “paid back her father’s debt to fulfill her moral responsibility to the victims”.

The agency added that Kang was unaware of the current situation involving her father and brother, and apologised for ‘any inconvenience”.