‘Karen’ Westfield Eastgardens car park dispute sparks furious debate

Smug woman mocks a ‘Karen’ for ‘waddling’ in the middle of a Westfield car park ‘like a penguin’ and then confronts her inside the shopping centre – but not everyone agrees with her outburst

  • Opinion divided over driver who got too close to a pedestrian in a car park
  • Female pedestrian later angrily confronted the woman inside a Sydney Westfield
  • Dash cam and footage of confrontation went viral after it was uploaded to TikTok
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A short-tempered motorist who filmed herself confronting a ‘Karen’ who got in her way in a shopping centre car park has come under fire online.

The female motorist shared dash cam footage and mobile vision of her altercation with the pedestrian on social platform TikTok with the caption ‘Karens of Australia’.  

The clip starts with footage of a man and a woman slowly walking through the car park at Westfield Eastgardens in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. 

They notice the car approaching behind them and try to get out of the way as the driver slams on the brakes after getting too close while attempting to park.

Dash cam captures the woman notices the car right behind her and tries to get out of the way

 ‘Jesus, will you f***ing move then’ the woman in the car yells at the pair.

‘Standing in the middle of the road, walking like a f***ing penguin!’

The other woman can be heard yelling back and calling the driver a moron.

‘Shut up penguin!’ the driver fires back as she parks her car.

The clip then shows the angry confrontation near the shopping centre food court.

‘You’ll be hearing from me,’ the older woman says.

The woman filming mockingly replies: ‘Oh! I’ll be hearing from you?’

‘You nearly knocked me down. I’m walking, then you swerved and nearly knocked me over. You are aggressive,’ the older woman replies.

The other interrupts: ‘You’re waddling in the middle of the road.’

The older woman threatens to call management and her husband as she storms off.

‘What is he going to do? Bash me.’ the younger woman calls after her.

The woman claimed the driver almost ran her over

The woman threatened to report the incident

The angry pedestrian (pictured) later confronted the motorist inside the shopping centre

The footage, captioned ‘Welcome to KarenTok’, has since attracted more than 265,000 online views on TikTok and 800 comments within the first two days. 

While the woman who filmed and shared the footage clearly thought the elderly pedestrian was at wrong, social media users were quick to point the finger at the driver.  

‘Fair, she was walking in the middle of the road but she moved over when you seem you- you launched the car forward instead of waiting five seconds,’ one woman wrote. 

Another added: ‘You’re in the wrong here. They moved when they first saw you. Then you indicated and couldn’t be patient enough to wait for them to move.’

Not everyone who commented online agreed that the pedestrian was in the wrong

Not everyone who commented online agreed that the pedestrian was in the wrong

Some viewers found the footage uploaded on TikTok amusing (comment pictured)

Some viewers found the footage uploaded on TikTok amusing (comment pictured)

Others believed the motorist was the real ‘Karen’ in the incident while some believed both could have handled the situation better.

‘It’s Karen versus Karen,’ one woman quipped.

But the driver did find some support. 

‘The people here supporting the penguin are the type who walk down the middle of a car park,’ one wrote.

Another added: ” This is my pet hate when people walk in the middle of the road and don’t give any room for the car.’ 

Other viewers found the video amusing.

‘I’ve never heard someone use penguins as an insult and it’s best thing ever.’

Many who commented on footage believe the pedestrians (pictured) weren't in the wrong

Many who commented on footage believe the pedestrians (pictured) weren’t in the wrong