Khloe wants fans to know she’s happily single

FOLLOWING her breakup with her cheating ex, The Kardashians reality show star Khloe Kardashian wants to make it clear that she is not looking for a new relationship.

Kardashian is still rebuilding her life following her much-publicised split from NBA player Tristan Thompson, and was moved to speak up after online rumours emerged that she was dating another NBA player.

After seeing a social media post on a fan website which shared the rumour, she left a comment that read: “Definitely not true! I love you! Thank you for the nice wishes but I am not seeing a soul. I am happy focusing on my daughter and myself for a while.”

Kardashian and Thompson share a four-year-old daughter, True, whom they had previously co-parented throughout their tumultuous relationship which included numerous instances of Thompson’s infidelity.

The final straw came earlier this year, when it was revealed that Thompson had fathered a child with another woman while he was attempting to reconcile with Kardashian.

Recent episodes of The Kardashians dealt with this news and the aftermath of the breakup, and featured Kardashian telling one of her sisters that while she was fine walking away from Thompson for good, she was less forgiving of “internet trolls” and their lack of empathy for her and her daughter during this painful time.

She said: “It’s disgusting and, like, deplorable of these people to talk about other people like that. Like, there’s no empathy, there’s no compassion. There’s just no sense of humanity.”