Kid in China steals RM512 worth of snacks, confesses to police

A mischievous 10-year-old girl recently surrendered herself to the authorities after stealing RM512 worth of snacks. This was after she was asked by her parents to do so.

According to SCMP, the incident took place on Aug 22 in Ningbo, Zhejang, when her parents caught her in the act.

At the police station, the child was in tears and confessed her cunning plans.

She revealed that she would frequently purchase food from her family’s convenience shop. And upon realising his daughter’s excessive snack consumption, he decided to set a snack limit for her.

Refusing to lower her snack limit, the cunning 10-year-old resorted to stealing money from her parents before handing it to her classmates, who would then use the money to purchase snacks on her behalf.

What a clever girl!

I think her plan was rather smart, even though they turned out to be less than fool proof and bit her right back.

But before you assume that the parent’s decision to ‘surrender herself’ to the police was too harsh, her father had actually tipped off the local police and planned the whole thing so that it could ‘teach her a lesson’.

Hoping to teach the young girl a lesson, the police officer made her write a pledge, “I will no longer take my mum and dad’s money, and I will not deceive anyone. I will study diligently and stop playing during class. I will complete my homework on time every day.”

At the end of it all, she apologised to her father and the police officer made her a promise to ‘work together to gradually correct our mistakes and uphold our promises’.