Kindergarten teacher earns 10 years’ worth of salary in a day from livestream, resigns job

THE Internet can be a gold mine of opportunities for some, as the power of a viral post can sometimes open many lucrative doors.

A kindergarten teacher struck gold online after videos of her teaching children a nursery rhyme on the Chinese social media platform Douyin went viral, which prompted her to resign after earning 10 years worth of her salary from one livestream.

An article by Oriental Daily reported that the preschool educator surnamed Huang, based in Wuhan City, China, became an overnight sensation with her nursery rhyme video amassing over 100 million views, thanks to her charming gestures and attractive gestures features which has attracted over 4.3 million fans.

With Huang’s newfound fame, many netizens have encouraged her to try out livestreaming, which became a hit, with netizens flooding in, sending her rewards on her livestream amounting to nearly 500,000 yuan (RM320,870.18) in a single day.

As a kindergarten teacher in Wuhan earns 3,000 yuan a month, the livestream profits in one day were equivalent to 10 years of Huang’s income, which encouraged her to resign as a kindergarten teacher. It is also understood that she earned 2 million yuan (RM1.28 million) from three livestreams.

Touched by the generosity and support from netizens gifting her rewards during her livestreams, Huang tearily said: “I am so happy and excited. I did my livestream for one day and now my income has exceeded my 10-year salary. Thank you, everyone.”

It is said by netizens that Huang has signed a deal with a talent management company, but some have cast doubts on her new career path as her popularity might dim, given the Internet’s volatile nature.