Kindergarten teacher in China allegedly shoves “vomit” into six-year-old’s mouth

The kindergarten’s ranking was lowered by the local education department after an investigation was done.

A kindergarten teacher’s actions toward a six year old boy in China recently caused an uproar online following a CCTV recording of child abuse.

The security camera footage, shared on Chinese social media platform Douyin, showed the teacher allegedly feeding the boy his own vomit after he had eaten his lunch.

According to an article by South China Morning Post, it was found that the boy had thrown up chunks of pumpkin before the incident, which took place on Sep 15 which was coincidentally the six-year-old’s birthday.

The boy’s father, surnamed Zhang, said that he had returned from school that day with dirty clothes but thought nothing of it until the young boy later told his grandmother about the traumatising incident.

His parents condemned the teacher for her actions, calling it child abuse and stating that the poor boy had fallen ill after being force fed the alleged thrown up pumpkin.

The boy’s parents reported the incident to the kindergarten and demanded to see the CCTV footage of the incident many times however, after getting the police involved, the kindergarten complied and allowed them to view the footage.

Around a month after the incident, the local education department stated on their official WeChat account that the case has been confirmed after an investigation, demanding that the kindergarten dismiss the teacher and apologise to the parents.

Following the investigation, the kindergarten’s ranking was lowered by the education department with an overhaul of the staffing system suggested to the principal.