KJ stuns M’sians by promoting lamb products in video

KHAIRY Jamaluddin, a well-known actor, radio DJ, former minister, and football club director, has now embarked on a new endeavour.

He was shown in the brief video acting as a food delivery rider in a “kampung” environment as he begins his new side project as a promoter.

Subsequently, he was also dressed in a black t-shirt and “kain pelikat”.

He began the video by telling the person on the other end of the phone exclaiming, “Since I’m free now, I’ll gladly accept the offer. “

After donning his helmet and a red shirt with the words Pak Mat Western printed on it, he grinned at the camera and went about delivering the goods to his clients throughout the village.

Following that, Khairy was seen in the video socialising with a few of the villagers and even got to grill the marinated lamb with them while cracking jokes.

“You can use this for anything—a party, a kenduri, anything!” He added.

Despite, the video only being uploaded yesterday, Oct 25, it already had over 1.2 million views as of this post.

Surprisingly, a large number of netizens were delighted to see the former minister juggling multiple roles and jobs at the same time, pointing it to be mostly positive comments.

What do you think his next project should be, given his obvious talent?