KTM’s free ride campaign poster leaves netizens amused at mistaken wording

THE Transport Ministry and Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) recently launched the MyRailLife campaign, which offers passes with free rides for people with disabilities and school students.

In line with the announcement, KTMB released their promotional poster, which went abuzz all over social media due to the campaign logo design.

In the poster, KTMB stated that their MyRailLife campaign will start on Feb 15 and that free rides are available for their Eastern Shuttle, Klang Valley Sector Commuter, and North Sector Commuter.

Netizens, however, not only were mildly perplexed regarding the campaign logo design, reading it as RailMyLife instead of MyRailLife which left them quite amused at the unintended vulgar connotation.

A Twitter user @mikhailhanafi, who retweeted the poster on his account, said that whoever designed the poster is probably having a laugh, pointing out that the words do not read well.

“There has to be some Gen-Z intern there who intentionally did this. Rail My Life. He’s laughing in the back cubicle of the office as we speak,” he said in his post.

Meanwhile, netizens jokingly speculated that the design could have been intentional, created as a joke but selected as the final design.

“They probably submitted it as an inside joke hoping they’ll change the tagline but they didn’t get the joke and choose this idea instead,” a netizen said.

“Definitely a copywriter working together with a designer to create this masterpiece because there is no way ‘My Rail Life’ would be accidentally designed to be read as ‘Rail My Life’,” another netizen chimed in.