Kudos to bank that cares for seniors

AFTER a lapse of three months, I felt the need to go to the bank to attend to some personal matters.

As business was back to the good old times, with many restrictions lifted, I was not expecting anything favourable for me, being a senior citizen.

After parking my car and taking a slow walk, I noticed a long queue outside the bank. I decided to go into the bank anyway and take a chance.

An elderly security guard was at the entrance, and I politely told him that I am a senior citizen and if there was a different queue for them.

To my pleasant surprise, he immediately told me to head to the customer service counter. I got to see the officer-in-charge within minutes, and he gave me a ticket with a number.

It was only a short wait before my number flashed on the screen. I happily went to the counter, and the teller attended to my needs in a professional manner, which only took a few minutes. Too good to be true.

I would like to thank the management of CIMB at Bukit Tinggi in Klang for the privilege accorded to me as a senior citizen.

Many thanks to the security staff, the customer service officer and the lady at counter two for making my day.

I believe credit should be given where it is due.

It is good to know that there are banks that still have a heart. A caring society and Keluarga Malaysia still do exist.

Thiagarajan Mathiaparanam