Latest study ranks BMW, Land Rover drivers to possess lower IQ

ANGRY drivers on the road would often question a car driver’s intelligence especially when luxury or big car drivers violate traffic laws, but can a car model determine one’s intelligence?

A study in the UK was carried out through tasking 2,000 drivers with an IQ (intelligence quotient) test, ranking drivers on their intelligence scores based off their car models.

The study carried out by Scrap Car Comparison indicated that Skoda drivers ranked the highest in the IQ test out of the 22 car models, with an IQ score of 99.

Meanwhile, Suzuki (98.09), Peugeot (97.79), Mini (97.41) and Mazda (95.91) have managed to settle in the top five category, with their IQ scores no less than 95, hence being one of the most intelligent motorists out there.

On the lower end of the score, the study discovered that the IQ of Land Rover owners sit at the last spot with an 88.58 score whereas BMW (91.68) car drivers ranked at the bottom three alongside Fiat (90.14).

The study also touched on the colours of the car that could determine the driver’s intelligence with white colour taking the top spot out of seven colours, scoring a 95.71 and green being the very last scoring 88.43.