LAURA INGRAHAM: Biden speaks to us as if we we’re deaf, dumb and blind

Fox News host Laura Ingraham explains why the left is threatened by American exceptionalism and what issues they would rather support on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: Nail what down? Middle-class workers? Because under Biden, they feel like they’re being crucified. If things do not improve, the old Biden voters are going to have a real decision to make. It’s not that easy, is it, in the end to vote for decline, to vote against your own economic interests? Well, late tonight, even the folks over at Politico couldn’t help but state the obvious. “Unfortunately for Biden, it’s very much not Morning in America, at least from an economic perspective. It’s more like late afternoon with the sunset.” Well, I’ll say, especially since real wages aren’t keeping pace with the obscene cost of living and workers – they’re losing hope as fast as the White House is losing credibility. 

Bottom-up, hollowed out. Well, their agenda that she’s referencing can be summed up in the acronym SPD – scarcity, poverty and depravity. Learn to live with less. Travel less. Expect less. Lower the bar for everyone, including the administration, because they speak to us as if we’re deaf, dumb and blind. Like we don’t actually experience the misery that their policies have created across the board. 

Now they’re not finishing the job here. They’re finishing us off by demoralizing millions of Americans who don’t want special handouts. They don’t want special pronouns. And they’re even punishing those who work hard and play by the rules. Now, the left has always, when I was thinking about this today, they’ve always been threatened by American exceptionalism, where everyone is held to high standards. They don’t like that. And now the Democrats have jumped on board, fully on board the victim train, where hard work and talent often go unrecognized and unrewarded. 


And if you don’t have the right skin color, the right ethnicity, or political ideology, forget about it. So their idea of finishing the job means creating a world where your carbon footprint will be measured and your social media presence scrutinized for dangerous misinformation.