Lexus LFA Now Priced at RM10 million?

OKAY before starting this off, let’s get one thing clear first – the Lexus LFA is undoubtedly one of the greatest supercars ever made. It is also powered by one of the greatest engines mankind has ever produced, not from a sheer horsepower perspective alone (the LFA offers 560hp) but from the sheer aural joy that it has to offer.

In a time where car makers would rather bend over backwards than be seen as producing carbon emitting engines, it is safe to say that there will never be another engine like the naturally-aspirated V10 of the Lexus LFA ever again.

While the team at Lexus received special help from Formula 1 and MotoGP engineers, the sound of the LFA’s V10 was specially curated by Yamaha, and its wail is so glorious that it can shatter glass between 7,000 – 9,000rpm. Don’t believe us? Check out the video below:

So it is no surprise then that the Lexus LFA will go down as one of the greatest cars ever produced by mankind.

And sadly, there will never be another car like it again as manufacturers blindly turn to electric cars as the immediate solution to global warming and to reduce carbon emissions. Which means that prices for cars like the Lexus LFA are bound to skyrocket.

According to a recent Facebook sales post (above), a Malaysian car dealer tried to sell a UK spec LFA for an estimated RM8 million to RM10 million. A quick check online shows that used prices for the LFA in the UK are now hovering at about 650,000 Pounds Sterling, which is just under RM4 million before taxes.

We know the LFA is great but with prices skyrocketing up to RM10 million, which is an insane amount of money (!) and sadly that just means that owners with an eye on profiteering will perhaps rather lock up their LFA’s and keep their engines silent in hopes to make even more money. Inevitably denying the modern world of the glorious sound of arguably one of the greatest engines ever engineered.

So do you think the Lexus LFA is worth RM10 million already? Let us know in the comments section.