Local cops give mum a second chance after hearing her three-year-old’s sweet message

A police officer was moved by a child’s message to her detained mother in a heartwarming incident that occurred in Jitra, Kedah.

The three-year-old girl, who assumed her mother was going to work when she was actually being arrested for a drug offense, told her mother something that struck a chord with the police officer and his colleague.

Bahrom Sahin, a 32-year-old officer with the Jitra district police headquarters’ Narcotics Section, was patrolling in a nearby village when he noticed a woman acting suspiciously in front of her house.

He explained that he and his colleague were about to detain the woman on narcotics-related charges when they discovered she was a single mother with six children.

The child’s message, which was full of innocence and love, struck a chord with the officer due to how it reminded him of his own child at home.

“I was taken aback and was barely able to hold back my tears upon hearing the child’s words because those are the words that my own child tells me when I leave the house to go to work,“ Bahrom said.

Bahrom stated that he and his colleague recognized the mother’s and her child’s difficulties and decided to show compassion. After some deliberation, they agreed to release the woman on certain conditions.

“We let her go on condition that she be put under observation so that she does not repeat her mistake because we understand that her children will be waiting for her to return if we detain her,“ he explained.

According to Bahrom, the woman is now making a living by drying fish.