Local man insists to hit children instead of distracting them with gadgets

AS is widely known, we live in a complex time where some parents believe that hitting their kids helps them become resilient while others advocate for “gentle parenting,“ which instead uses soft words.

Yan Mable recently shared on Facebook that he doesn’t think it’s a great idea and even criticises parents who let their children use mobile devices to seek solitude.

“Seeing parents use iPads and other technology to keep their kids quiet really irritates me,“ he declared.

Moreover, Yan believes that giving a child a slap on the face—something that many of us probably experienced in our youth—is the “secret” to keeping them quiet and in line.

“Not technology, but a slap or two from our parents used to keep us quiet at the dinner table!” He added.

The man also characterised using electronics to keep a child quiet as a sort of “bribery,“ and this instills in kids the idea that they don’t have to eat or obey rules when their gadgets aren’t around.

In addition, he holds parents accountable for establishing the practise of bribing children.

“Our parents would have thrown our food into the trash can if we cried or made noise at the dinner table.”

“No mercy, but parents these days are simply overindulging their children.”

Moreover, it led him to believe that spoiling your kids makes them insecure and incapable of handling pressure when in the workforce.

The post concluded with a dubious advice for parents. “Smack when you should, and don’t hold back. Stop ruining the next generation.”

Parents, what are your thoughts? Are you on the side of “hitting” or gentle parenting?