Local teacher confesses to finding her 17-year-old student ‘handsome’

TEACHERS are often seen as secondary to parents, primarily because they serve as a springboard for our kids’ successful futures.

However, what occurs when school itself turns unsafe for children.

Using the TwtSecretsMY ‘X’ page, a local teacher revealed her confession that she thinks her 17-year-old student is attractive and wonders if that makes her a paedophile.

“Is it a sin if I find my student handsome?” she wrote. He is 17 years old, and I am 23. There have also been rumours in class that the boy is attracted to me. I’m not a paedophile for this, am I?”

In the end, opinions on this confession were split: some thought the student’s attraction was improper and paedophilic in general, while others thought it was okay for her to think that way as long as she didn’t act on it while he was still a student.

For instance, a user commented, “YOU are a teacher, you ought to be more aware. No matter how manly that child may appear, he is still underage, so yes, that qualifies as paedophilia. Be professional or leave the place. That’s not how a TEACHER should act.”

While, another netizen stated “If you find his handsome, it’s fine I guess but it’s wrong if you do something about it whilst he is still a minor.”

What are your thoughts?