Locals reminded by a ‘Mak Cik’ canteen just how filthy money is

“Oh my, look at the residue for yourself.”, they wrote.

WE have all heard that washing your hands is a step that is more important than taking a bunch of health supplements but have you ever considered that in this situation, money should also be washed too?

Well, a video of the canteen staff cleaning up the cash they got during sales was posted on the Facebook pages of Viral 25 and Berani Viral.

“Oh my, look at the residue for yourself.”, they wrote.

As the video displayed the canteen staff washing the cash they had made during sales in a sizable water basin.

The water in the basin changed from clear to a brownish colour as the ringgit’s were being washed off, demonstrating how filthy money actually is.

The majority of commenters on the post left humorous remarks such as, “You’re really good at money ‘laundering, do share your knowledge.”

While many other users claimed that money was one of the dirtiest objects in the world that readily catches bacteria.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you think about washing your notes for your family’s health and safety?