Lockin Malaysia partners Exsim to bring safer home locks to market

PETALING JAYA: Smart lock company Lockin Malaysia recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Exsim Group to bring smart home locks to market.

The smart locks, branded as Lockin in Malaysia and the first-star product launched by subscription-based online shopping platform Subplace, will be installed in all Exsim projects as part of the MoU. This partnership heralds the first wave of digital transformation of homes and residences for a market segment projected to see increasing growth and mainstream adoption in the coming years.

Lockin smart locks offer robust security protections for homes in the digital era. Lockin locks have also been recognised for their sleek design and style. Adopting Lockin locks as a standard issue in all Exsim property development projects offers residents peace of mind from vastly upgraded security. It makes the future integration of smart home technology simple and seamless.

“Lockin Smart Locks offer top of the line security and convenience to consumers, and we are aligned in our belief that homes should always be safe and secure,” said Subplace CEO Mak Wai Hoong.

“We hope that this collaboration will be successful, and we will see more and more development projects choose higher quality and higher-tech features as a base specification. Smart homes are here to stay, and the market will only grow along with consumer demand,” added Mak.

Paving the way towards this new reality, Exsim plans for all their projects to be well equipped with high tech AI products that are stylish and functional. This collaboration is a step towards realising this goal and offers smart home products to homeowners, with both parties looking forward to a longer-term collaboration.

“With this new collaboration, we are confident that it will elevate the property development industry to a greater level while boosting top-notch AI security products to the market. We are anxious, we aim to design and produce more of such top quality AI products and made available to property owners,“ said Exsim Group managing directors Lim Aik Hoe and Lim Aik Kiat.

Lockin marks the first step towards fully integrated smart homes, at the same time, offers a level of home security that is yet unmatched. The company has also set its sights on bringing more state-of-the-art smart devices beyond home security to make integrated, seamless smart homes available and affordable to all.

Following the success of Lockin’s equity crowdfunding campaign, Subplace aims to have 250 brand stores throughout Malaysia in the next five years. Lockin smart locks are priced from RM2,400 and will be made available as an outright purchase or through a rental plan starting at RM69 per month on Subplace. Currently, the platform is actively recruiting dealers to join the team.