Loke reminds DAP leaders not to cause any polemic in society

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke Siew Fook (pix) today reminded DAP leaders at all levels, not to cause any polemic in the community.

He said the DAP, as one of the parties that make up the federal government, should act and play a role as a government party, to resolve the issues raised by the people.

“We are part of the government. The role of the government is to solve problems and not to raise problems.

“For me, any leader or party that causes any polemic in society, especially (because) we know the environment and also the political sentiment in our country, it is counter-productive. Not productive at all (to raise issues without solutions),” he said at a press conference at the 2022 Federal Territories (FT) DAP annual convention today.

He said this when commenting on the statement of Penang Deputy Chief Minister II, Dr P. Ramasamy, who asked the government to implement reforms in the public service sector because according to him, it is now dominated by Malays.

Loke said it was time for the grassroots and the party’s leaders to change their way of thinking, in addition to continuing to defend the party’s political culture, which always understands the people and looks after its attitude and approach, to avoid becoming arrogant.

Asked if any action would be taken against P. Ramasamy, Loke said that the DAP would use its own channels and approach in dealing with the issue.

“Any views from friends, I will say thank you but we have our own way to handle it,“ he said.

In addition, Loke said that FT (Kuala Lumpur) DAP was given the challenge to play an active role to further strengthen the machinery and organisation of the party, by increasing membership from the youth. – Bernama