Loke to meet MACC chief over alleged misconduct involving agency

PUTRAJAYA: Transport Minister Anthony Loke (pix) wants to meet with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner Tan Sri Azam Baki to seek an explanation following a news report on alleged misconduct by staff of an agency under the ministry.

“I have no information because this is a media report, but because he (Azam) mentioned an agency under the MOT, I will request an appointment with the MACC chief to meet him and get further details,” he told reporters after attending the Transport Ministry’s Simpulan Kasih Malaysia MADANI programme here today.

An English daily today published Azam’s revelation that some government agencies have been ignoring over 500 reports of misconduct involving their staff, despite the MACC recommending them to take action. They include the Road Transport Department, the Royal Malaysia Police, religious authorities and hospitals.

Loke, who viewed the news report seriously, said the meeting with Azam was a preliminary step before taking any action to be fair to any officer or staff member who may be involved and avoid pointing fingers without solid evidence.

Another step is to obtain a list of staff names and cases involving them, he said.

“I will not compromise with any misconduct and will cooperate fully if the report has strong evidence,” he said. –Bernama