Lorne, Victoria: Footage captures moment a cheeky cockatoo steals a café diner’s caramel slice 

Cheeky cockatoo steals a man’s caramel slice and flies away – but not before a fierce tug of war between the diner and the pesky parrot

Footage captured moment cockatoo took off with a café diner’s caramel sliceBird was eating scraps from a café table in Lorne on Victoria’s Great Ocean RoadThe cockatoo suddenly snatched paper bag with the slice inside and flew offParrot flew into distance with bag in its mouth after a brief struggle with diner 

Hilarious footage has captured the moment a mischievous cockatoo pinched a café diner’s caramel slice in front of his eyes and flew off into the distance.

The cheeky sulphur-crested cockatoo appeared to lull the man into a false sense of security by eating crumbs off his table at a café in Lorne on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road.

The parrot then suddenly snatched the paper bag with the slice inside, with the diner trying and failing to retrieve the treat from the animal’s mouth.

After a brief struggle with the cockatoo to reclaim their food, the bird flew across the road with the bag hanging from its mouth.

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