Malaysia ranked #46 out of 50 in World Cuisine Ranking

TASTE ATLAS, an international food and lifestyle website, revealed its World Cuisine Ranking list on Friday (June 3). It appears that the list of the greatest 50 cuisines in the world enraged many Malaysians.

Despite having outstanding diversified and excellent food, Malaysia was ranked #46 as a country, placing us among the bottom five countries. According to the website, the ranking was based on user contributed ratings, with Italy coming out on top with a 4.78 score, and Malaysia behind other Southeast Asian countries with a mere 4.19 score.

Malaysians were outraged by the latest ranking because it is not the first time Malaysia has received a low rating. Previously, it was stated that Malaysia’s national dish, nasi lemak, was just “OK,“ and that durians were the worst-rated cuisine in the country.

Malaysians took to the comment section to express their dissatisfaction over the ranking.

One user commented: “Asian food not dominating the top 10 implies this list is objectively wrong.”

Some also claimed that those behind the list have not actually tried authentic Malaysian food themselves.

Do you think Malaysia deserve such a low ranking?