Man found with pinky fingers and toe cut off at Greenacre, Sydney warehouse

Gruesome discovery of man ‘covered in acid’ with his fingers and a toe chopped off – as he fights for life in hospital: ‘They threw something in his eyes’

  • Security staff an Sydney industrial site found the man
  • His pinky fingers and a toe were chopped off
  • He is being treated in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital  

A man discovered at an industrial site with his pinky fingers and a toe cut off after a suspected kidnapping and torture is in hospital in a critical condition.

Security guards at the site on Wentworth Street, Greenacre in south-west Sydney were alerted to the man when he stumbled into their booth bleeding from his injuries about 8.30pm Friday night.

The 30-year-old was also reportedly covered in acid – with his mother telling reporters ‘they threw something in his eyes’. 

It is understood he was dumped at the location by a group of individuals after he was kidnapped and tortured for a time earlier in the day. 

A trail of blood remained visible at the scene on Saturday where the man sought help after he was freed still bleeding profusely from his injuries.

Police outside the Greenacre warehouse on Friday night where the man was found (pictured)

A crime scene has been established and NSW Police State Crime Command is investigating

A crime scene has been established and NSW Police State Crime Command is investigating 

Emergency crews rushed to the warehouse and transported the man to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital where he remains in a serious condition.

Relatives of the man, his mother and a young woman, were seen visiting him on Saturday with the mum telling the Daily Telegraph her son was ‘not very good at all’.

‘They chopped off his fingers and toe,’ she said.

‘They threw something in his eyes.’ 

It is understood the substance that was thrown was corrosive. 

The industrial warehouse where the man was found is believed to hold ammonia.

Police have established a crime scene at the industrial site and NSW Police State Crime Command is investigating the case.