Man looks for homemaker wife; wants 3 kids, naturally beautiful, stays fit and does chores

IS it me? Or are people starting to get creative with how they look for a lifetime partner. Beyond that, I believe it is fair to conclude that at least one local man prioritised all of his relationship needs.

Recently, in a Facebook post on Meet & Match, an anonymous 35-year-old noted down all his requirements in search for his perfect partner.

The man identified himself as a traditional man who values maintaining his family line.

While he may not play a significant role in raising the children, he is currently actively searching for a woman who is okay with having three children.

“If you can stay home and look after the kids, that’ll be great. I enjoy going out drinking with my friends, so I hope you won’t interfere in this.” he asserted.

In addition, the man wants his future bride to retain her appearance and physique without the use of cosmetics. In essence, he wants his girlfriend to have extremely high gene polls.

However, he also made sure to note that he “Prefers someone who doesn’t put on thick make-up and can cook or do house chores.”

Above all, he expressed that he makes between RM 3,000 and 5,000 per month and wished to be with someone who would respect his parents.

Despite the fact that everyone has the right to love, many internet users who read the post assumed he was searching for a mother or a maid rather than a life partner.

Many Facebook users also jokingly added, “In that case, I wish you a good single life for eternity.” In contrast, another user said, “In other words, you’re just a mama’s boy.”

What do you think? Would you let your significant other take care of the bills, while you slave away at home like Cinderella?