Married couple receive two hand drawn RM20 notes as wedding gift

A for effort.

WEDDING GIFTS usually range from cookware, electronics, crockery to cash. But this one couple received the surprise of their life in the form of a wedding gift.

Recently, a married couple discovered two hand drawn RM20 notes when sorting through their wedding gifts.

A viral TikTok video by Jiha (@jihaaaa98) showed the hand drawn bank notes sneakily hidden in the cash received as wedding gifts which left the married couple perplexed.

“I wonder how much I would get if I took these to Bank Negara?” captioned the video.

In the video, it was obvious how much work the guest took to mimic the “banknotes”.

Why she received such an unusual gift still remains a mystery to the newlywed.

“This person’s brain is very advanced. I thought receiving tissues or empty angpow packets was bad. Looks like there are much worse,” said the caption in the video.

World of Buzz reported that confronting the gift giver would be impossible for Jiha since she had no idea who gave it to her.

Netizens were quite amused, commenting that Jiha should keep the gift as a memory to look back on.

Meanwhile, some others speculated that the person who gave her the “banknotes” was probably embarrassed for not having much money to give, hence resorting to this method instead.

Out of all the odd gifts newlyweds have received, this one takes the cake so – – kudos to their hard work?