Mat Rempit performs ‘Wheelie’ stunt at intersection, falls down and embarrasses himself

IN 2023, there are a plethora of alternative ways to look hip; being a “rempit” isn’t one of them.

Given that I’m sick and tired of reckless motorbike riders who are only out to show off.

Who’s going to tell them that those ‘cool’ tricks simply make them look foolish.

The Inforoadblock Facebook page recently featured a new video of a careless person risking himself and other drivers by trying to do a ‘wheelie’ while riding his motorbike.

The dashcam video appears to have been recorded at Pekan Yan Kechil in Yan, Kedah.

It starts off with a man riding a motorbike,through an intersection.

At the crossroads, the man quickly made a right turn before acting irrationally to pull a dangerous wheelie on his motorbike.

But only a few seconds after performing the stun, he unexpectedly loses control of his motorbike and falls to the ground.

Fortunately for the biker, the vehicle behind him, from whence the video was captured, was able to halt just in front of the self-inflicted collision because it was far enough away.

Many netizens mocked the man’s self-made collision in the video’s comments section, with many claiming that the incident caused him pain and shame.

“I would have sold the motorcycle and use public transport from own on.”

“Many lessons to be learnt before success is achieved.”

What do you guys think about this recurring problem? What should the next step be?