Mobile Rahmah Sales a boon to rural communities

KUALA BERANG: Malaysians, especially those in suburban and rural areas, continue to reap benefits from the ongoing Rahmah Sales programme, an initiative introduced by the government to assist consumers obtain basic necessities at affordable prices.

Buyers from local communities never fail to show up wherever such mobile Rahmah Sales are held, rain or shine. For instance, Telemong residents began gathering at Kuala Telemong Square as early as 8 am when the programme was held here recently.

Homemaker Siti Juhaida Kamaruddin, 40, from Kampung Batu Hampar, shared that she looked forward to the Rahmah Sales as it greatly reduced her family’s expenses, whatmore with her husband being unable to work after being injured a road accident in August.

“Even before this, my husband and I used to go to any Rahmah Sales around Hulu Terengganu to buy groceries because it can save us hundreds of ringgit compared to buying from supermarkets or regular stores.

“I can find affordable items here such as chicken at RM5.49 per kilogramme (kg); 5 kg of imported super grade rice (RM13.50); 5 kg of cooking oil (RM22.50); and a tray of grade A eggs (RM14),“ she told Bernama at the sales location here today.

Cleaner Wan Mohd Khairul Nizam Wan Mokhtar, 50, was also another resident taking opportunity to purchase items at the sale as it was of great help for rural folk lower incomes.

“Alhamdulillah, I recently received the RM600 ‘Sumbangan Tunai Rahmah’ (STR) cash assistance so I’ll be using it to purchase groceries for the entire month.

“I hope the government continues such initiatives because the prices of goods in stores keep rising. Villagers are struggling and I have to prioritise buying only basic necessities because there’s not enough money every month,“ he added.

Meanwhile, in KUANTAN, local residents did not miss out on the opportunity to shoop at the Mobile Rahmah Sale near Kampung Pantai Beserah here today, despite the rain.

Zaidah Abdullah, 44, from Taman Beserah, was undettered by the rain as the items on sale were more affordable than those in supermarkets.

“I bought everything because they are really affordable and good for business. For example, a bag of flour is only RM2, and there are also many discounts on rice,“ the kuih seller and mother of two told Bernama.

Checks by Bernama found that many residents came to shop at the sale, which ran from around 9 am until noon, and availed themselves to items such as chicken at RM10 each, 5 kg packets of rice (RM15); and 5 kg of cooking oil (RM25).

Senior citizen Natrah Mohd Noor, 67, from Pelindung, who set out to buy rice and cooking oil at the Mobile Rahmah Sale, expressed her hope that such initiatives would continue and be expanded, while Juliana Nasir, 35, shared that she learnt of the initiative through social media, as she made her way around the sale to buy chicken and rice today. –Bernama