MoE will appoint school pupils as Ambassadors of Unity Madani

KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of Education (MoE) will appoint school pupils nationwide as the ‘Madani Ambassadors’ at the ministry level in an effort to foster the spirit of unity in line with the Malaysia Madani concept.

Minister Fadhlina Sidek (pix) said the matter was inspired by the ‘Festival Semarak Ilmu Tahun 2023’ organised by the Sentul Education Office here today.

“This programme must continue and that the school children who participated in the programme today have been declared by me as ‘Duta Madani Perpaduan’ (Ambassadors of Unity Madani), especially at the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur level.

“MoE will continue programmes like this in an effort to foster unity and also build a Madani nation and strengthen it through this kind of programme,“ she told reporters after launching the festival.

Fadhlina said the function of the Madani ambassador is important to create a clearer perspective on unity at the school level and racial integration.

Fadhlina said the MoE-level Ambassador of Unity Madani would be expanded and announced as part of her visits to other states from time to time.

“MoE will appoint school children as Madani Ambassadors of Unity from time to time,” she said.

Meanwhile, the festival was held to highlight the talent, creativity and potential of school students in the Sentul district through a variety of activities including storytelling, folk and traditional dances, choirs, poetry recitation, gamelan and angklung. -Bernama