Money saving apps

These money saving apps will teach you how to budget so you can reach your financial goals

WHETHER you are an experienced saver or a beginner, the top money-saving apps will help you grow your bank account. All you need is a bank account and a smart phone, and each app provides its unique set of tools and saving techniques.

Along with being useful, these apps are intended to motivate you to start saving regularly without overcomplicating it. Here are some of the most helpful applications I have gathered to make it easier for you to keep track of your personal funds.


Expensify is a popular among start-ups since it allows for the linking of accounts with the same email address for simple input and reporting. Your spending is either conveniently categorised under various reports or journeys. Due to its ability to measure time and distance for a certain project, the app is useful to have when travelling. This expenditure tracker software has a special function called SmartScan that reads your receipts and extracts all the information about an expense.

Expense manager

This software could just be worth considering if you are seeking a thorough money management tool that is smart enough to serve small company customers as well. Use the app to keep tabs on your fixed costs, earnings, savings, and loans as well as to prepare for side businesses.

It’s also one of the more entertaining money applications available because to its appealing user design, video lectures, and financial advice. With a ton of free and paid capabilities, you can export data to Excel File, track transactions using speech recognition software, and attach supporting documents like invoices and bills.


A quick approach to stay on top of your monthly expenses and maybe save money by looking for a better offer. To manage your accounts from the multiple carriers indicated on your bank statements, the app leverage Open Banking. All of your home costs, such as your electric bills, rent payments, or even insurance will be visible to you on a single screen. You can simply see if your payments have increased or decreased over time by looking at a year’s worth of transactions. You can see when you paid the most money, as well as your average payment for things. You might decide to keep track of other payments. If your bill is higher than usual, you will be notified. You may also check how much you are spending in comparison to others in similar circumstances.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

You may create a budget and keep track of your spending with You Need a Budget (YNAB). You do this by allocating the money that is already in your savings account to several spending categories. This method of setting your savings goals helps in maintaining your budget. Every ringgit in your account has a duty assigned to it and is tracked. YNAB is more than simply a tool for budgeting, paying bills, and tracking your money. You have the option to add outside accounts and loans in the app so that it can automatically include them in your spending plan. Those who don’t want to link external accounts can manually enter balance information. The modern approach to money management is to download an automated savings app. If you have any extra money on hand, re-routing it to your automated savings account can help you plan for the future.

One of the key components of accumulating wealth and having a stable financial future is saving money. It offers you a means of escaping life’s uncertainties and allows you the chance to live a fulfilling existence. You may avoid a lot of life’s pitfalls by setting away money in a disciplined manner. Regardless of income, everyone needs to save money. Best of luck!