More Diablo incoming

BLIZZARD is looking at expanding and supporting Diablo IV beyond 2023. Speaking to Dexerto in a recent interview, the game’s general manager, Rod Fergusson, explained that Blizzard is aware that players want more from the game after its successful campaign.

The thirst was briefly sated with Season of the Malignant, which allowed players to re-enter the gothic world of Diablo once again for a unique story mission and create new characters for different builds.

But what comes after Season of the Malignant? What are Blizzard’s plans moving forward? Will there be chunkier expansions, like Diablo II: Lord of Destruction or Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, that will elevate the base of Diablo IV further? Fergusson confirms that these are already in the pipeline.

Responding to Dexerto, the general manager claims that Blizzard has plans and storylines that “go well into the future” and it’s something they are “going to do for a long time”.

He even acknowledges that Blizzard did not live up to the players and community’s expectations in the 11 years between Diablo III and Diablo IV.

“That’s something we are rectifying in Diablo IV with our seasons and our expansions,” Fergusson stressed.

As to what players can expect, he said that the company is looking at quarterly seasons and annual expansions.

The distinction between both is critical, as it shows that Blizzard will hopefully treat each as its own thing rather than releasing something small that would be better off as seasonal content but calling it an expansion.