M’sian boy taken to police station by parents due to gaming addiction

The parents were praised for their actions by netizens.

THE worrisome trend of children being addicted to online games have been a major concern for the modern parent.

Recently, a frustrated mother and father resorted to extreme measures in efforts to instill fear into their gaming-addicted son.

Having “lost their patience” due to the son’s addiction to the game, the parents decided to take a trip to the police station to scare the child in hopes of breaking the addictive gaming habit.

In the TikTok video posted by @ainusdi, the boy was seen being carried out by his father to the entrance of the police station.

As father and son stopped at the doors of the police station, the father was seen gesturing to his son, as if he was going to enter the police station.

The frightened child was seen frantically refusing while wiping off his tears.

The older son at back watching the scene unfold in a presumably stunned silence.

Netizens praised the parents’ actions and expressed similar concerns, relating to their struggle having children being addicted to online gaming.

Some pointed out that it was “rare” to find parents as “strict” as them while others remarked that the parents’ method was the “best” way to make children realise the error of their ways.

While not many would agree with his method of overcoming a child’s addiction to games, some may commend this method as the best one. What would you do if you were in their shoes? Let us know in the comments.