M’sian juggles corporate job during the day and sells laksa at night

He would come straight after work to sell laksa and mee rebus.

MOST of us are tired after a busy eight hour day and by the end of our shifts, we’re just looking forward to clocking out.

But not for this one Malaysian who recently went viral for tirelessly working not just a corporate job during the day but as well as selling laksa and mee rebus at night.

TikTok user @aemalynn shared a video of her boyfriend preparing two bowls of laksa at a stall in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam while wearing formal clothes.

“Bukit Jelutong and Shah Alam people, come and support my boyfriend’s laksa business please. He works morning, night, weekdays and weekends. In fact, I am the one exhausted watching him work,” she captioned the video.

According to her, her boyfriend’s two other siblings will take part and help in the business as well. They would set up the stall on weekdays in the evening and he would come straight after work to help.

Netizens cheered the boyfriend on, requesting the location of the stall and commenting that they would definitely drop by to support the business.

“I got hella respect for him. Ain’t easy working non stop making an honest living. You got yourself a true man. Make sure he gets sufficient rest though,” commented TikTok user @ziqqo.

TikTok user @qrazti commented, “I salute those who work such jobs and it doesn’t matter as long as they have an income. Shout out to all of them!”

For those of you who want to support his business, you can head over to Laksa Shock! Stall located at Restaurant Mak Uda, Bukit Jelutong.