M’sian shares how parents have burdened them in their 20s from having “no savings”

The person shared that he and his siblings are only left with enough money to sustain themselves after spending on household expenses.

FINANCIAL STABILITY before having children is vital since it is important to have some kind of safety net and also acts as a safety net for the parents in their golden years.

Facebook page XUAN Play recently shared a confession where the person explain their dilemma— their parents had no savings and this meant this person and their siblings were left to manage the household’s finances despite being very young and carrying their own financial commitments.

The person said that they were in a “dilemma” as all of them are currently in their early 20s and helping their parents’ in their 60s who are suffering from illnesses.

“My parents have no savings, no real estate, not even provident funds. – We really feel helpless,” the anonymous confessor said in the post.

With all the children starting out their lives as an adult, the confessor expressed that they and their siblings “cannot afford to save their money” since not only they support the household and their parents but also they need to pay off their student loans.

This prompted the person to feel that their current situation with their parents and dire finances have left them feeling that it has “hindered” their path forward.

“All of us have our own dreams and career goals but due to our parents’ situation and finances, our path forward feels limited,”

“We don’t even dare to pursue someone we like, because we can’t even save for ourselves now, let alone bear the cost of living,” they added.

While they are grateful for their parents raising them well with what they had, the confessor also could not help but to wonder why they were “brought into this world” and “suffer” with them.

“It is frustrating to us that they could not afford to give us RM50 back then and still have a hard time doing so now,” they lamented.

The anonymous person also advised the netizens to not have children if one does not have the financial means, based on the current situation with their family.