M’sian unemployed after just one day

A woman’s TikTok video has gone viral as she shared her unfortunate experience of being fired on her first day of work at a jewellery shop in Kuala Lumpur.

The TikTok post has garnered over three million views.

She explained that initially, everything seemed fine after the interview and she had agreed on a position as a marketing executive.

However, half a day into her job, she was unexpectedly placed on a one-week probation period and later informed that her performance did not meet the company’s expectations.

She expressed her frustration, saying that if they didn’t intend to hire her, they shouldn’t have offered her the job.

She had already incurred expenses for her child’s nursery fees.

Some TikTok users advised her to be more cautious when accepting job offers and stressed the importance of getting an offer letter before joining a company.

Others suggested that the company might have fired her to hire someone they already knew.

Netizens recommended reporting the matter to the Labour Department to seek fair compensation for her ordeal, with one user mentioning that they had received two months’ salary through this route.